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DAN NANCE in his Charlotte NC studio

Dan Nance, a native Carolinian, has been fascinated with history all his life. Coming from a rich and storied heritage, he developed a passion for history from an early age. Visiting American Civil War battlefields instilled not only a deep respect, but an even deeper desire to tell those stories, both famous and anonymous. By honing his natural artistic talent and synthesizing that with his love for dramatic cinema, Nance was able to interpret what he saw and read to create profound images of American history.

“I strive to paint the truth from the perspective of the soldiers who witnessed it- each painting a monument to our history and a testament to our future.”

Winning a full scholarship to prestigious New York art school, Pratt Institute, Nance majored in film while publishing his first fine art print at the young age of nineteen. There, he began to create his hallmark perspective… painted images that seem lifted from a perfect frame of film from a movie that took place more than a century ago.

During his twenty years career, Nance has released over two dozen prints and graced numerous book and magazine covers, growing a wide audience of authoritative scholars and historical interpreters who respect his integrity, as well as faithful patrons and enthusiasts who love his action-packed and emotional portrayals of our past.

He has also developed a long standing relationship with various heritage sites and the National Park Service with works hanging in the permanent collections of;

·         The South Carolina State Museum and Confederate relic room.

·         Bennett Place Historical Site

·         Gettysburg National Military Park

·         King’s Mountain National Military Park


 Charlotte, NC has placed two of the artist's historical works on Granite monuments Uptown commemorating the history of the Queen City.

Artist Dan Nance

Artist Dan Nance